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How to Sort Your Dirty Laundry Correctly in Three Simple Steps

Laundry day can be the day that people dread the most, simply because the chore takes too much time. However, there are ways to get it done faster aside form just dumping everything into one pile.

The first step to having an easier time doing your laundry is by sorting them correctly in advance before you wash them, which is a great way to keep fabric dye on clothes from bleeding into lighter fabrics.

Pre-sorting your laundry before cleaning them can also be really helpful in that it lets you get your laundry done faster, especially when you regularly go to a laundromat to get your clothes cleaned in a hurry.

Reading the label

Keep in mind that while most clothes can be thrown in the laundry as one load and come out nice and clean, other types of clothes can be made of fabrics that can warp, shrink, or stretch. This is why it’s important to read the care label tags on your clothes first, especially if you don’t know how to clean them.

These care label tags on your clothes will let you know how they are best cleaned, whether they can be tossed along with the rest of your laundry load or if they need to be dry-cleaned by a professional.

Sort by color and fabric

Once the hand-wash-only clothes have been separated in their own piles, you can start sorting the rest by color and fabric: lights and darks in different piles to prevent color bleeding, then followed by fabric type. When sorting by fabric type, be sure to separate the towels and sheets, from the blouses, slacks and any underwear or lingerie. Doing this allows you to use the correct water temperature for each color and fabric group, as well as keeping drying cycles a lot simpler.

Wash soiled items first

While not all stains can ruin the fabric, some can set in earlier and be more difficult to remove, which is why they need to be cleaned or pre-treated as soon as possible. It’s also important to differentiate different stains and wash them depending on priority.

You will especially need to pay attention to oil-based stains, like motor or cooking oil, while dirt stains can wait later since they are less likely to affect the fabric. If there is only one item that needs this, this can be hand-washed or pre-treated in advance.

One last important thing you need to remember is that you shouldn’t wait until your laundry is a huge mountain of dirty clothes before sorting them. Even something as simple as having separate laundry hampers for different types of clothes can be a great start.

4 DIY Holiday Decors on a Budget

There’s nothing like putting up decorations to get into the holiday spirit. But the holidays mean a lot of spending; from gifts to dinners to parties, it’s sometimes hard to make sure that you have money left for decorations. However, with a bit of time and creativity, you could make your own decorations yourself. Here are a few ideas to help you create your own decors on a budget.

1. Use you’re the holiday cards you received as a décor
Putting holiday cards on display doesn’t just make for quick and easy festive decorations, they could also put a smile on the faces of the people who sent them to you. There are many ways for you to put holiday cards on display. One idea is to hang them on a chain, and displaying them on a wall or a door. You could also create a tree design and hang them on faux branches. Chances are, you don’t have to look far to find somewhere to hang them from; use your Christmas lights as a line and clip your cards on them.

2. Use your gifts as decors, too.
Using your gifts as decors can be a great idea as well. Arrange your gifts properly, so that it doesn’t look like they were just thrown under your tree. You could include festive items to display with your gifts. Small figurines like snowmen, deer, or cottages, can be placed on top or beside your gifts. You could even create your own tree skirt, to create a creatively decorative space for your gifts.

3. Create homemade luminaries.
While luminaries are festive and elegant, they can be very expensive and can put a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, it’s not hard to make your own. As long as you have a candle and something festive to put it in, you’re good to go. A few ideas include filling vases or glasses with water then putting candles in them. Another idea is decorating mason jars and putting votives inside. Another idea is to nail holes in a coffee can, forming festive patterns where candlelight can shine through.

If you’re scared about the risk of creating a fire, good alternatives to candles include battery-powered votive lights or bunched-up Christmas lights.

4. Create your own Christmas wreaths.
Wreathes can easily spark the holiday spirit, and with a bit of creativity, you can decorate them with pretty much anything. You can add ribbons, paint them gold, or add glitters. You could even create your own wreaths. You could bunch twigs together and form it into a circle. You could even use faux fur, leaves, or ribbons tied around a circular rod. If you want, you can add baubles or other festive details.

Makeover Ideas for a Modern Singaporean Home  


One common misconception when we hear about home makeover is it entails remodelling or renovation – which is expensive. When we have budget issues, we tend to ignore makeovers and just prioritize more important things. Home makeover is important too! Upgrading our nest brings so much energy and enthusiasm when it is done.


The idea of a makeover being expensive should be blamed on makeover shows we see on cable TV. We have to know that we can complete a makeover and update our homes without spending too much. This only takes little research, resourcefulness and smart moves. This is the perfect time to start on our makeover projects. Here are some ideas that we can consider to spruce up and modernize our homes:

  • Living room: When we think about makeovers, our living room is the hardest but truth is, living rooms are one of the easiest. The trick is to let go of unnecessary things on the shelves and replace it with simple things to make it look cosy, comfortable and open. There are many furniture shops here in Singapore that we can consider. We have to pick something that islight. If we lack budget, we can consider repurposed wood and make a TV rack out of it.
  • Dining room: It is always advisable to keep the dining room functional but minimal at the same time. We only need to install some lighting to make the room more intimate and light. If we do not have budget for some lights, we can make our own. First, we have to secure wine bottles, link it together using ropes, electrical wires and bulbs.


  • Bedroom: Revamping our bedroom is perhaps the easiest because we only need to paint it with neutral colours. If new paint is not enough for us, we can easily pick furniture that goes with our paint. If we have plenty of bedroom stuffs, clothing and shoes, we have to consider building a shelving unit. We can use our baskets and create wall mounted compartments for our bedroom stuffs.
  • Bathroom: Our bathroom should exhibit a hint of relaxation. Relaxed aura can be achieved with the help of lighting. After considering lighting, we can create hand-crafted things like shampoo racks and soap dishes.
  • Kitchen: Modern Singaporean house should exhibit functionality over style. We have to choose reasonably-prices kitchen items over expensive stainless steel implements. If we want, we can look for a new wood table and other handicraft chairs.

That should do it.