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5 Hair Products to Keep Heat Damage at Bay

If there’s a hair advice that I simply can’t get behind, it’d be to stop heat styling. I understand all too well that heat styling can be damaging to the strands – but with a short bob cut that’s naturally frizzy and wavy, how can I possibly stay away from my heat styling tools? However, despite all the curling and straightening I put my hair through, my strands are still in exceptionally good shape. Thanks to these awesome hair products and tools that never fail to keep my locks in its tip-top shape.


  1. Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide Protective Smoother. Have coarse, thick, wavy hair? Tame those locks with just a single pump of this hair smoothening product. Regardless of the shampoo and conditioner you use, Smooth Lock will surely leave your hair amazingly smooth and shiny. Truly a product that’s nothing short of a godsend.


  1. Ultra CHI Red Pro Dryer. This tiny travel dryer is one of the best tools to keep in your arsenal if you’re a gal who’s very much into heat styling. Although light, this dryer has powerful drying mechanism that can be set in a high and low setting. With this tool, it’s possible to dry your hair without battling the frizz afterwards.


  1. Ultra CHI 1” Straightening Iron. Apart from looking pretty, this hair straightener is simply far better than anything else that I’ve used in the past as it makes creating beach waves and full curls easier, What’s more amazing is it takes all the guesswork of how hot you need your tools to be in order to create the perfectly smooth and gorgeous curls and waves you want.


  1. Hot Tools 1” Gold Curling Iron. Whether you want a relaxed, beach-babe hairstyle or a retro-inspired ringlet for a hairdo, this is the curler to reach for. It’s so easy to use and evenly heats the barrel, resulting to long-lasting curls. Elegant, simple, and gets the job done – what more can you ask for?


  1. Kerastase Laque Noire Hairspray. In search for a good hairspray that can help your hair withstand your heat styling sessions? Then get your hands on this hairspray. Apart from being lightweight and having an insane hold to the hair, this product doesn’t promote product build-ups, allowing you to skip washing and simply restyle your hair. So if you’re looking for a hairspray that doesn’t weigh down the hair with products, this is definitely the hairspray to look for.

Heat styling can be damaging for the strands. However, it’s possible to counteract the effects of heat styling without compromising the longevity of your hairstyle by using these proven-and-tested products and tools.

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Best Midday Makeup Fixes to Do at Work

Be it from lack of sleep, stress or a rushed morning, we’ve all experienced those days where a midday glimpse in the mirror gives us a minor shock – either from a surprise zit or severe under-eye circles. No need to fret! With the following tips, you can instantly bid goodbye to those midday beauty emergencies and ensure you’re looking pretty and fresh throughout the day.


  1. Blot and Brighten Your Skin. Ever wondered why your eyeliner smudges or gives you that raccoon-eye look by lunchtime? Well, makeup has the tendency to oxidize and that causes it to slip and slide as the day progresses. Luckily, you can deal with such slips and eliminate the extra shine by using blotting papers. After blotting the oil off your face, you can then apply brightening concealer to give your face glow and hide those under-eye circles. One good pick-me-up is YSL’s Touche Èclat, a product you can easily swipe under the eye, especially during times when you’re showing signs of fatigue.


  1. Blush Up. If shine isn’t your main concern, then we suggest focusing your makeup touch-ups on the centre of the face. After buffing some powder, apply peachy pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to salvage the early morning radiance of your skin.


  1. Remove and Reapply. Sometimes, recognizing a lost cause is important to save an entire equation – the same thing holds true for keeping your look on point. If you’ve already noticed that your foundation starts to look transparent or some redness is starting to reveal itself, then it’s best to wipe all your makeup off and apply it once again.


  1. Set Your Makeup. Stressed out with makeup that slips and slides? Do the simple solution of setting it in place. Once you’re done with your makeup, spritz some setting spray all over the face. Also, if you’re going to refresh your makeup later on in the day, we suggest keeping your hands off your face and investing in a good cosmetic sponge instead. Opt for a pointed sponge to make reapplication easier, as well as to avoid further breaking down your makeup.


  1. Re-Groom Your Brows. Other than reapplying your makeup, you should also focus on re-grooming your eyebrows later in the day. An easy way to do this is to swipe a good amount of lip balm over your brows. This trick won’t just keep your brows in place, but also help remove excess powder from your beauty products.

A midday makeup dilemma can be frustrating for us girls, especially when we’re out and we don’t have the right tools and products with us. To salvage your makeup look and guarantee looking fresh all the time, heed these quick and easy beauty advices.


5 Amazing Beauty Uses of Oatmeal

Nothing beats a warm of bowl of oatmeal every morning, especially when it’s topped with chocolate, sesame seeds or fresh figs. You’ll surely feel energized throughout the day just by eating this hearty meal. But what’s more amazing is that this breakfast superfood also boasts several beauty benefits. Curious enough? We’ve listed down five of the best beauty uses of your favourite oats that’ll surely give you smoother, glowing skin.


  1. Face Wash. Other than the healthy nutrients, oatmeal is also known to be rich in saponins, a chemical that’s often added in detergents and shampoos because of its foaming and emulsifying abilities. With the presence of this chemical, experts believe this is what makes oatmeal an ideal alternative for cleansers, face masks, and even soap. To create your own face mask, simply mix whole oatmeal with warm water and a teaspoon of honey, then mix them until the mixture turns into a fine paste. Once the paste is done, gently rub the mixture in circular motions to cleanse and hydrate your face.
  1. Exfoliator Treatment. Does your over-the-counter scrub leave your skin raw and red? Then it might be the right time to switch up to a do-it-yourself exfoliator treatment using colloidal oatmeal, brown sugar, coconut oil and lukewarm water. This DIY treatment will give you the same buffering and cleansing properties that your regular scrub offers minus the unnecessary harshness on the skin.
  1. Dry Shampoo. Not only is oatmeal great at removing debris and dirt in the body, it also works wonders when it comes reducing the dirt build-up in the hair. All you’ve got to do is to lightly dust finely grounded oats in your strands to not just soak excess oil, but to relieve itchy scalp as well.


  1. Bath Soak. There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a long day at work than to soak in a relaxing oatmeal bath. All you need to do is pour a cup of plain oatmeal into your tub, fill it with warm water, then add a pinch of dried lavender, or a few drops of lavender oil. The oatmeal will work by cleansing your skin and locking in moisture, while the lavender oil produces a soothing and calming scent.
  1. Itchy Skin Remedy. Often experience itchy skin? Then perform some oatmeal baths to normalize your skin’s pH level. Not only will oatmeal lock in your skin’s moisture, it’ll also protect you from all the exterior irritants leaving you with fairer and itch-free skin.

Other than its heart-friendly benefits, oatmeal is also capable of giving you the beauty benefits that your usual beauty products can provide. Just remember all the beauty uses that you can do with it and you’ll be able to reap all the benefits that it offers.


5 Best Organic Self-Tanning Products

Who doesn’t want to get a perfectly bronzed bod without getting baked under the sun? Don’t deny it. Even if you’re not going to wear your bikinis, you would certainly want your limbs to look healthy and perfectly bronzed. Luckily, there is an increasing number of organic self-tanners that won’t just protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but from the harmful additives and chemicals as well.


  1. Elemental Herbology Sun Kiss Body Hydrator with Self-Tanner. Want a natural-looking tan? Then grab Elemental’s self-tanning moisturizer now. This self-tanner features nourishing olive, watermelon seed and macadamia oils that’ll keep you protected from all the environmental damage while giving you the golden glow that you want.
  1. True Natural Tropical Tan. If you’re looking for tanners that’s gentle both on your body and face, then this tanning lotion is a must-try for you. This vegan tanner contains cupuacu butter, aloe Vera, as well as pomegranate extract that’s good for the skin. Aside from that, this tanning lotion can also give you that deep and dark, but non-orangey glow, that’ll last for five to seven days.
  1. VitaTanz Organic Spray-On Tan. Are spray tanners your thing? Then VitaTanz is the brand for you. Not only is it easy to handle, this tanning spray is filled with green tree extract that’ll keep you protected from free radical damage, and minerals like copper, iron and magnesium, which will give the anti-aging benefits that your skin needs.


  1. Santorini Sun Sunless Tan Lotion. Not only will this tanning lotion give you the bronzed bod that you want, its sweet orange scent will also help in illuminating your skin and boosting your mood. But just like regular self-tanners, this tanning lotion works best if you wash it off the following day and avoid getting into the water for six hours.
  1. Chocolate Sun Absolute Sun Sunless Tanning Cream. If you’re into tanning creams, then this chocolate-scented tanning cream is the best product for you. This product is extracted from sugar beets, which turns your skin colour to the shade of bronze without all the signs of an eau de self-tanning. What’s more amazing is that it has a no-streak formula that could for about week.

With this products out in the market, getting that gorgeous golden glow without all the UV damage and harmful chemicals is finally just within your reach. So start smearing a good amount of these tanners now and enjoy your Victoria’s Secret Angel-inspired bronze bod.


Get Shaved Down There

5-Step Routine to Properly Shave Your Bikini Line
Waxing can be a very painful procedure, especially when we’re talking about using it down under. This is why most of us turn to having our bikini lines shaved, even if results to red, bumpy and itchy skin. But there’s no need to suffer any longer. By using the right products and technique, you can already get your bikini line to be as smooth and sleek as your legs. Achieve all this by just following this five-step bikini line shaving routine.


1. Purchase the Right Razor. The first step to ensure that you get a perfectly shaved bikini line is to use a new and the right type of razor. This way, you’ll avoid getting razor burns, ingrown hairs and skin irritation caused by using an old and dull razor. If you don’t get to religiously change your razor, then make it a habit to swipe its cartridge after ten shaves to prevent dullness. Experts also suggest going with razors that have five blades to get a closer shave even in one swipe.

2. Work With Water. Understand that pubic hair tend to be coarser than regular hair, which is why shaving it dry is a big no-no. So ensure that you always wet the hair every time you’re going to shave them. Doing this will hydrate your hair, making it softer and a lot easier to cut.

3. Use Some Shaving Cream. Other than water, shaving gels and creams also enhance the hair’s hydration and keeps your skin supple after every shave. This will also help you keep track on the area that you already shaved, to prevent going on the same area over and over again.


4. Exfoliate Your Bikini Line. Ingrown hair is a common problem when it comes to shaving, but a good way to avoid it is to exfoliate your bikini line twice a day with a toner. Exfoliating toners are great for getting rid of dead skin cells and ingrown hair, as well as in decreasing the chances of acne from popping in your bikini line. If you happen to already have some ingrown hairs, then use an acne formula along with your toner to nix the ingrown and keep your bikini line smooth.

5. End With a Moisturizer. This is a step than you wouldn’t want to skip when you’re done shaving. Not only will it keep dry skin at bay, it also ensure that you get a smooth bikini line after shaving. Experts recommend that if you prefer wearing a light moisturizer during daytime, then you should use a richer formula at night to help your skin reset.

Bikini season or not, it’s important that you keep your bush perfectly trimmed. Other than making you bikini-ready, shaving your pubic area is also an important part of a beauty routine, so make sure that you shave them right by going with this five-step routine.


5 Ways to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

We often spend big bucks to get that perfect hair colour, and before we even get to enjoy it, it starts to fade away. What we don’t know is that the most budget-friendly hair colour is the kind that we can make last the longest, and there are also some handy tricks that we can do to stop it from fading away other than visiting our favourite salon.


1. Use the Right Shampoo. Since you’ve got your hair coloured then its best to use sulphate-free products or those that are specifically formulated to prevent colour-treated hair from fading. Clarifying shampoos are also a big no-no as it can strip off your strands of the richness of your hue.

2. Cover Up Roots With Mascara. If your greys are already starting to show up, then the best way to cover them up is by applying a few mascara coats. This trick will surely buy you more weeks before visiting the salon for another colour retouch.


3. Invest in a Shower Filter. While it may not seem like it, the chlorine and harmful chemicals present in the water is what causes hair colour to fade faster and result to frizzy hair. A good way to remedy this is to attach a water filter that help in eliminating harsh chemicals that makes your strands look dry and dull.

4. Opt of a Heat Protector. It’s important to understand that coloured hair is more prone to get damage, which is why stylists suggest misting your strands with some protectants to keep them hydrated, shiny and healthy.

5. Skip the Hot Water. There’s no need for you to freeze through your daily shower, but going for a lukewarm temperature can be a lot better for your strands. Using hot water will only cause your cuticles to open further and make your hair colour leak out a lot faster.

Although visiting your salon and having a colour retouch can greatly improve your hair colour, the aforementioned tricks are just some of the great alternatives that you can use for a cheaper and easier way to make your hair colour last much longer.