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How to Take Better Portrait Photographs

We all want to look good on a photo, especially if it is a portrait. But have you noticed how you look better in some angles and with certain lighting, while in others you look like you are sick or you have a bigger face? The good news is that those pretty portraits are not accidents but there are tried and tested ways to take better photos.

Pick a short telephoto lens. Selecting the right equipment for a portrait will help you a lot. The best lens for a portrait shot is a telephoto lens because it compresses the perspective. You can pick lenses between 85 to 150 mm lens.

Set the ISO setting low. Adjust the ISO setting to not more than 400 as this will help reduce the noise in the background. But this works only if your subject is not moving. If the lighting is poor, however, you can use a higher ISO setting or open the aperture. If you are still unsure, try taking different shots with different settings for ISO, shutter speed, and aperture until you find the best combination that works.

There is no single rule for aperture. In some guides, you might see recommended aperture settings for portraits, but remember that the subject and background are unique. The general rule would be to use a wide aperture if you need to shoot a portrait of just one subject. If the aperture is too wide, the photo will end up highlighting parts of the subject’s face. If you need a portrait for more than one person, the starting point can be at f/8 then adjust accordingly.

Shutter speed is unique for every subject. Adjusting the shutter speed is based on what you want to capture from your subject. If they are still, you can use 1/15th or lower. But if the subject is moving a lot or you are trying to get a portrait of more than one person, use 1/125th or higher. Do not forget to check the ISO setting if you still get blurry images.

Always shoot on manual mode. If you have a tripod, use it so you can shoot in manual mode. This will give you better control on the settings of the camera especially if you need to take several shots of the subject. An alternative would be to shoot in aperture priority mode. This also works great in portraits especially if you are shooting with a background that have a lot of movement or objects.

Match white balance settings to the natural lighting. You will want the portrait to show the subject’s natural skin tone as much as possible. The best way to do this is to utilize the natural light in the setting. Complement it with the proper white balance setting that is closest to the natural lighting. Do not use the auto white balance, but select from the presets.

Appreciating Rock Music in Singapore

Rock has always been generalized and stereotyped because most people look at rock as a very radical expression which is hard for them to digest. After all, not everybody is a fan of black. Rock may be the most confusing scenes ever as there are dozens of sub-genres to this genre.

The Rock of Yesteryears
Most people in Singapore do not appreciate rock because of the conservative culture but it seems like the youth have picked up rock like it was part of their generation. Ironically, what most older people listen to today used to be the rock of their time. Rock has just probably evolved too much that they can’t keep up with it.

Back in the day, Elvis, the Beatles, and many other classical bands were considered the “rock” of their time because of their rebellious attitude and their strong belief in nonconformity to the system. Rock seemed to always have something to talk about. Surprisingly, rock was very involved in politics. They would sing out their strong opinions of not just love, friends, having fun, but also important topics of their time.

Better Appreciation of Rock Music
There is actually so much more to rock than you know and it’s a shame that not everybody sees this. As rock bands started to emerge, bands started to get crafty and find a way for them to differentiate themselves by other by trying to evolve rock music in itself. People with deep aggression started to play metal while people with a lighter heart started to play country rock.

There are so many branches of rock that you wouldn’t believe are real. Well, rock music was one of things that found its way from the west all the way to Asia through the use of media. As soon as the media started to show bands playing rock music on television or on the radio, people started to pick up the trend.

The Evolution of Rock
Some people already had a different genre they were in to but because of this sudden introduction to rock music, they realized they can incorporate their sounds with rock. Slowly but surely, Singapore started to pick up. Not only did it become popular to the youth, it became popular in general. Although it has received a lot of negative criticism, supporters of the genre are still doing their best to keep rock alive.

Sadly, we are in an age of electronic music and finding a fan of rock music would be pretty hard. One thing that should sadden people is that it is really hard to play a certain rock song compared to an electronic pre-recorded track. We can’t force people to appreciate rock, but hopefully we can help them understand.