Camping Safety Tips

There were 23 students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) who were camping at Stong Mountain on December 28, 2013. The mountain is famous for its scenic view. The joyous camping trip was turned into an unfortunate event when a 23 year old male student fell and died. It was reported that he slipped and died at around 7pm of December 28.


Trekking, camping and other outdoor activities are sought-after pastimes. There are many people who prefer outdoor activities but they should be aware that they are prone to accidents. One small mistake can create a lasting impact. A simple trip or slide can cause death. With this, it is important that you know safety tips when you are outdoor. If you are camping, you can consider the following tips:


  • Plan: Do not be too adventurous by going out there without any plans. It is always best to plan ahead like the date of your trip and the place or spot you want.
  • Gear Up: You have to prepare your gears before starting your camping trip. Do not forget to pack your first aid kit and your field guides. When you pack, remember the basic rule of travelling: travel light.
  • Familiarize Your Environment: It is better if you have a guide. Unless you’ve been there a thousand times, you do not need one. If you have spare time, you can start small excursions. This is to condition the body.
  • Prepare Food and Water: When you are there, you should make sure that your water and food are clean. Do not just eat or drink anything. Remember that you are far from hospitals and clinics.
  • Learn How to Start a Fire: Learning to start a fire is a valuable skill. Starting a fire is not just for camping or mountaineering because you can use it every day.



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