Break the Ice: Natural Ways to Start a Conversation with Someone

Ever felt butterflies in your tummy, in a bad way, as soon as you see someone you want to talk with? Perhaps so bad you gave up on speaking with them, or messed up everything you were supposed to say? Well, worry not since we’ve listed down five easy ways on how to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere.


  1. Comment on topics that are currently common to both of you.

Whether it’s the room, the food, the occasion or the weather, talking about topics that are common to both you and the other party at the moment is one of the simplest ways to start a conversation. Just ensure to keep your comments on the positive side because the first time you meet another person isn’t the perfect time to complain about certain things.

  1. Ask questions that aren’t answerable with one word.

“What’s been keeping you busy these days?” is a good example for this type of questions. It’s also a good question, since it allows the other person to choose the focus of their answer. Another good variant to this question is, “What have you been working on these days?” It’s also a useful question to use if you ought to know what the other person does for a living, but forgot.

  1. Prepare a follow-up question after you’re initial question.

If you do ask a question answerable by a single word, make sure to supply it with a follow-up question. For instance, an interesting follow-up question for the classic “Where do you live?” would be, “What do you think your life would be like if you still lived in that place?” Not only will you keep your conversation going, you’ll also learn more about the other person.


  1. Ask some getting-to-know-you questions.

“What Internet site do you browse regularly?” “What magazines and newspapers do you subscribe to?” Asking such questions often reveal both your hidden passions, which can be useful for having a great conversation.

  1. React to what the other person says.

Make your conversations better by reacting to what the other person said. If he or she makes a joke, try to laugh even if it’s not that funny. If he or she offers a surprising information, react with surprise. By doing this, you get to start a conversation with another person, and you also get to assure that what he or she’s saying is interesting and insightful.

Starting a conversation with a stranger can be really stressful, but by putting these tips to work, you’ll definitely be able to converse with another person more naturally and easily.


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