Asian Festivals You Should Attend This Year


It is almost 2017 and you still have more travels to make. There are many places outside Singapore that you can trot. You are confused where to go next. If that is the case, why not pattern your travel based on world-famous festivals. When you hear festivals, it refers to celebrations or commemoration. It is usually celebrated by a community but tourists are welcome to join it.

There are massive celebrations. That is where you should be because of the vibrant colours. Here are the festivals you can join this year:


Ati-Atihan is a famous festival in the Philippines usually celebrated every January. The festival is a colourful spectacle that invites all its guests through colourful and flamboyant costumes and bang. The festival is the commemoration of Santo Nino and God’s abundance. If you are going to visit, expect street parties, grand parades and masquerade balls.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is a famous one in Taiwan celebrated every February which is part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Sky lanterns are famous medium to send dreams and resolutions into the heavens. It is quite a spectacle with thousands of festival-goers lighting their sky lanterns and sending it to the skies.

BaliSpirit Festival

If ever you are in Bali this coming March, do not miss the BaliSpirit Festival in Indonesia. The BaliSpirit Festival is held in Ubud ricefields. This festivel is like seven days and during this time, you can participate in concerts, yoga classes, meditations, seminars and more. What is best is that a portion of the proceeds will directly go to local charities.

Songkran Festival

The hottest time in Thailand is April and it is when Songkran Festival is held. It marks the New Year in Thai calendar. When you decide to go, do not forget to bring swimwear and water gun. Street parties are present plus many water activities.

Seoul Fringe Festival

Seoul Fringe Festival is an art festival celebrated every June. It is the destination for artists. Artworks are exhibited in galleries, cafes and restaurants. It does not end there because even if you are not an artist, you are still given the chance to enjoy dances, concerts, plays and other performances.

Tihar Festival

Every October, Tihar Festival is celebrated in Nepal. The celebration do not only honour Hindu deities but also pay honour to animals as well. The celebrations last for five days and the first four days is devoted to different animals.

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