Antiques Shopping Fever in Singapore

The Lion City may always receive an impression as a shopping destination for the latest gadgets and appliances, but the country is actually also a shopping paradise for those who love collecting antiques—from cabinets to jars. Singapore is truly a melting pot for shoppers with different tastes and styles. Here you can visit and explore different antique shops.

Tanglin Shopping Center

Located between St Regis and Orchard Parade Hotel, you can reach this shopping center in just five minutes from Orchard Road. The visit will be worth it as you find yourself succumbing into the two floors packed with small boutiques selling all sorts of antique collectibles.

Antiques of the Orient

This antique shop is located in the second floor of Tanglin Shoping Center. If you are seeking a vast collection of old books, maps, and maritime artifacts, this shop could be the real deal. If you need or want to, traders can also offer assistance for large and valuable consignments.

Chinatown Heritage Center

This is perhaps the biggest shopping center in the country for antique Chinese collectibles. Located in Pagoda Street, Chinatown, you can easily find Oriental antiques here.

Yue Hwa

This is another Chinese emporium just nearby Chinatown Heritage Center. Here you can find a wide range of articles made from bronze and jade. Prices are often fixed, but you can be sure that these are genuine items.

Shang Antique

At this antique shop, you can find a collection of Southeast Asian artifacts. Even if you are not buying anything, this shop can make your visit an enjoyable viewing experience with its display of antique furniture and collectibles.

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