An Overview of Vitamins

Vitamins are any of the carbon containing compounds that the human body needs in small to moderate amounts to sustain overall health, general wellbeing and proper functioning. All individuals, regardless of age and gender require a regular adequate supply of vitamins. However, children, the sick and the old aged need an additional supply for growth and sustenance of normal functioning. The body obtains almost all of its vitamins from the foods and beverages that an individual consumes. 


A healthy diet which consists mostly of vegetables and fruits could give almost all of the vitamins that an individual needs to survive. Experts have been able to classify 13 organic compounds as vitamins. They have given almost all of these vitamins letters and or letters plus numbers as names, such as vitamin A, B12, C and D. Most vitamins are naturally occurring found in most fruits and vegetables. There are some, such as Vitamin D that are solely produced by animals.

Selection Of Fresh Fruit

There are a few vitamins that are naturally manufactured by the human body itself. Some good examples are Vitamin K which is produced by bacteria found in the digestive tract of humans and Vitamin D which is produced by the skin through the utilization of sunlight. Vitamins can also be manufactured synthetically and made commercially available as supplements for individuals who need an extra supply of vitamins to meet their needs. An adequate amount of vitamins is necessary to maintain the proper functioning and survival of the human body.


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