Airs and Graces – An Art Exhibition of a Kind

A site-specific exhibition brought to you by Millenia Walk and Art Stage Singapore, Airs and Graces is designed by Pritzker Architectural Prize Laureate Philip Johnson. This art exhibition features the masterpieces of distinguished artists from different countries, including Chen Wen Ling (China), Entang Wiharso (USA/Indonesia), Lochan Upadhyay (India), Max Streicher (Canada), Navin Rawanchaikul (Japan/Thailand), Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore) and Sri Astari (Indonesia).

One of the highlights in this exhibit is Sri Astari’s “Armors for the Soul”, a work of art made from an aluminum cast and stainless steel mesh. Chen Wen Ling’s sculptural works, “The Illusory Realm” and “Humanities Landscape”, are also part of this life-inspired art exhibit.

Navin Rawanchaikul who lives and works in Japan and Thailand contributes his work, “Mission Navinland”, to this art exhibit. Singapore’s Sai Hua Kuan brings in his mixed media entitled, “Going Somewhere 01”. Max Streicher, a Canadian sculptor and installation artist, showcases his artistry with his work, “Floating Giants”. “The Wedding Chair”—a masterpiece crafted out of iron, wood, foam, and recycled fabric—by Lochan Upadhyay is a playful fusion of tradition and modernity that is sure to amaze each of the visitors.

Entang WIharso, who lives and works in USA and Indonesia shares his oeuvre entitled, “Feast Table: Undeclared Perceptions”. For art aficionados here and abroad, you can grab the rare chance of experiencing this one-of-a-kind art exhibit by visiting Airs and Graces from 1 June to 7 July 2013 in Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore.

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