A Bride’s Guide in Picking the Perfect Gown

Wedding is an exciting thought but when you are actually planning and preparing for it, it can become a daunting task. If you think that you do not need help from wedding organizers or planners, you should do your best to do it on your own. The first thing that you should do is set the wedding date.


You should talk with your fiancé about this and decide on the best date. After the date, a crucial decision should be made-the budget. Everything will begin with the budget. You are lucky if you are allotted a big budget but if the budget is not that big, you should make good use of it. When it comes to purchasing your Singapore wedding gowns, you should ask help from your friends and other relatives.

If you are in the point of choosing the perfect gown, fret no more because you will certainly find something that can accentuate your beauty. Before scouring the wedding market here in Singapore, you need to have a basic idea of the wedding gowns you want. Choosing a gown is not simple because there are many things that you should consider to include:

Traditions and Customs

If you decided to celebrate your wedding in your tradition, you should look for a gown that will perfectly exemplify your customs or cultural traditions. For example, you can wear a flashing red sari. If you want to be more creative about it, you can infuse your wedding gowns with Western elements. If you consider traditional weddings, it does not mean that you compromise style. You can still have that stylish gown.



You should think about the season. You do not want to be uncomfortable with your dress. Here in Singapore, there are only two seasons- summer and rainy season. If your Singapore wedding falls under summer, you should choose a perfect dresses singapore gown that is lightweight, airy and lighter; this is to prevent you from feeling hot and sticky. If your wedding falls under rainy or cold season, you should go for heavier fabrics, warm wraps like satin, taffeta and cashmere.


Fits the Venue

Lastly, you should think about the Singapore venue. If you are having a beach or botanical wedding, you should choose an appropriate outdoor gown. You should choose a breezy and simple dress. If your venue is in a hotel or church, you should choose a more formal dress.

Wedding gowns will give more beauty in your wedding. They say that getting married here in Singapore is the sweetest thing. That is true. If you still cannot find that perfect bridal gown, you should consider designing your own and making it happen. You should look for a seamstress and commission her to make your gown. You will be assured that your gown is the only copy. If you found the perfect gown, you have to fit your wedding gowns and make sure that you do not gain weight until your wedding day because last minute modifications will not bring out the beauty of the gown. After your bridal gown, do not forget your fiancé’s suit. You should have the same accent.

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