7 Bike-Friendly Cities Around the World

A bike ride makes a leisurely tour around different sites and can transport you to distant spots in much lesser time. However, not all bike lanes are created equally. Here are seven best cities that are stunning and safe for two-wheeled tours.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

When you say bike-friendly cities, Copenhagen tops the list. Tourists are often amazed by the number of riders cycling around town, and kids are often taught how to ride a bike even before they are old enough to go to school. Thanks to the city government’s initiative t build bike-friendly infrastructure and systems, almost half of Copenhageners use bikes as their everyday mode of transport.

  • Tokyo, Japan

Around 15 percent of Tokyo commuters are bicycle riders. Although it doesn’t beat Copenhagen’s 50 percent biker population, it is still very impressive considering the total population of the city. If you choose to go around the city with your two-wheel drive, you can enjoy ample parking spaces, spacious bike paths and fun cycling tours.

  • Paris, France

With the city’s Velib’ bike sharing system, locals and tourists can make use of more than 20,000 bicycle units and over 500 kilometers of bike paths. Bikers can tour and go around the most romantic city safe from the motorists. A Velib’ station is also very accessible as they are always in sight and almost around every corner.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is popular for being bike-friendly for all the good reasons. With more bikes than actual people, the city is developed with bike riders in mind: flat streets, low speed limits and bike parking areas almost everywhere. People ride their bikes to go to work, drop children to school and cart around their groceries. For tourists, there are plenty of places to explore, not to mention fun guided bike tours and illustrated booklets to help you getting around town efficiently.

  • Berlin, Germany

Featuring more than a thousand kilometers of bike paths, no wonder why Berliners love roaming around on bikes. For travelers major attractions are just a bike ride away from each other. Berlin’s ‘Call a Bike’ system lets people simply lock their bikes to any fixed structure and key in a code to ‘return’ the rented bike.

  • Kaohsiung, Taiwan

In a city known for traffic chaos, Kaohsiung is the proof that a city can still be biker friendly despite the busy streets. Dubbed as the safest city for bikers in Taiwan, Kaohsiung features over 90 miles of bike paths and a bike sharing system that can be used by both tourists and locals.

  • Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is one of those cities where the cycling culture is rapidly expanding. To promote cycling as daily mode of transport, the Singapore government has constructed more bike facilities and lanes along the city’s main roads.

Biking is a fun way to see the wonderful sights of a foreign place. Other than letting you leisurely explore breathtaking views, it’s a great way to while minimizing carbon footprint.

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