6 Ways to Sweat the Stress Away

With the traffic, hectic schedule in the office and work emails haunting you even when you’re on vacation, it’s no wonder why chronic stress is common in many Singaporeans.

So, how can you deal with stress? Well, the most effective way is to exercise. And with regular exercise you’ll be able to maintain the cortisol levels of your body and promote the production of endorphins—the type of natural hormone that helps the body and mind relax.

While any physical activity and exercises can make your heart race, here are five of our most favorite ways to break a sweat.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is well-loved for good reasons: it connects your body and mind, and brings together the mental and physical disciplines to increase your flexibility and physical strength, while keeping you relaxed.

  • Pilates

This type of workout is specifically designed to strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility and body posture. Pilates is known to relieve anxiety and stress, and is an ideal exercise to releases muscle tension and improve breathing to boost circulation of oxygen to the brain, which results to feeling of calmness.

  • Kickboxing

This exercise burns calories like no tomorrow. Use a fitness watch to see your calorie count rapidly decreasing. This combination of boxing and martial arts is a satisfying workout to get your heart pumping, boost your energy and build confidence.

  • Dancing

For this one, you do not need gym membership. Simply play your favorite dance music and let loose. What else can make you feel good than listening to your favorite jam and letting yourself feel every beat of the music? Dancing is a fun way to exercise and enhance your creativity. It allows you to stretch your body and move your muscles in different ways than you normally would on a regular basis. If dancing with choreography is what you’re looking for, try zumba.

  • Heading Outdoors

Yes, nature will help you relax. The beauty of nature will help melt away any form of anxiety and stress. Go biking, jogging, hiking or simply walking at the park. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the outdoors, and there are so many spots in Singapore for that.

  • Running/Jogging

Running outdoors, as mentioned, is beneficial to managing stress. But even if you’re just running on a treadmill or jogging in place gives the body that extra boost needed to promote production of endorphins. If you have a dog, make it more fun by taking your furry friend at the park for an afternoon jog.

Stress is inevitable, but there is always something that we can do to keep our mental and psychological health in tune with our overall well-being.

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