6 Tricks to Keep Bugs Away From Your Picnic


With Singapore’s sunny season all-year round, picnics are among the fun things we do with friends and family, although sometimes uninvited guests find their way to sneak into the feast. We’re not talking about passers-by and strange neighbours, but insects that bite, sting, and annoy you. How can we avoid these unwelcomed visitors? Follow these five all-natural tips.


1. Smell Like Vanilla: Bugs are not fond of vanilla scent. To keep them away from your picnic, dilute a tablespoon of vanilla extract with a cup of water and wipe the mixture on your exposed skin, as well as spray some on your picnic tablecloth, to discourage ticks, flies, and mosquitoes.

2. Avoid Wearing Scents and Perfumes: When going out on a picnic, skip heavily scented shampoos, deodorants, body sprays, and perfumes. The strong fragrances attract bugs, as well as the sting that follows.

3. Skip the Sticky Sweets: Insects are particularly attracted to foods like peaches, soda, fruit juices, and grapes—to them, these foods are like flower nectar. They can easily detect these foods and will be persistent in the pursuit. Though these may be terrific summer foods, keep them in well-sealed containers or avoid them altogether.


4. Plant Mint, Garlic, and Rosemary: Ward away bugs in the most natural way by planting mint, garlic, and rosemary in your outdoor garden. These plants keep bugs away, plus they are very useful for cooking.

5. Spray Mint Mouthwash In the Area: Insects don’t like mints, so they can be used as weapons against them. Transfer a mint mouthwash into a spray container and spray it around the area where you will be having your picnic. Re-spray every now and then to keep the minty smell around and the bugs away.

6. Set Up Portable Fan: Make use of portable fan facing the food and eating areas. Turn it on in a calm breeze setting while you’re serving and entertaining guests. The wind from the fan will make it hard for bugs to fly in and pester you and your company.

From spraying vanilla to using portable fans, there are numerous ways to get rid of pests. These six tips are just a few of the many more you can do to enjoy an insect-free picnic.


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