6 Insider Tips to Know Before Your Hawaiian Getaway

The Hawaiian islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai draw hundreds of thousands of tourists who are looking for a tropical getaway every year. If you are planning on a holiday getaway in Hawaii, make the most of your vacation by learning these insider secrets that can help you save money, while being able to try more authentic Hawaiian experiences.

  1. Skip the Hawaiian Hotels

Save your accommodation budget for more souvenirs by going on a glamping adventure. Go for this off-the-grid accommodation still offers you a king-size bed and a warm bath near the Volcanoes National Park. You can walk from tip to tip of the island for an enjoyable hike or a truck to drive you from end to end of the island. 

  • Explore the Old Hawaii

Hawaii may be a top U.S. destination, but its cultural roots are much older than the country itself. Discover pre-U.S. culture, traditions and history by going on a trip to Molokai. The trip will surely amaze you. It will give you a glimpse of the old Hawaii without enduring a crowded view, since the place isn’t directed at most tourists.

  • Eat Like a Local

Skip the fancy Hawaiian restaurants. And go rub elbows with the locals. You will know you are in a local food hub if the menu does not provide explanations of the dishes. Do the research—or ask the locals on the next table—yourself.

  • Ride the Bus

If you are headed to Honolulu, save yourself from the hassle of looking a parking space by happing on board a local bus. Download the app ‘Da Bus’ to get real-time updates about where the nearest bus stop is and it’s expected arrival time. Buy a one-day bus pass for around $5 for unlimited bus ride.

  • Head to Costco

Since you want to save more money, do the cooking your by grocery shopping at Costco, which has seven branches in Hawaiian Islands and four on Oahu. It’s easy to get fresh produce and snacks in there. The mini mart also offers fueling services, making it more convenient to tour the Hawaiian Islands if you’re renting a car.

  • Enjoy Free Entertainment

You do not have to shell out a fortune to experience Polynesian entertainment. Hotels, malls and public areas offer classes and show on the cheap, or even sometimes for free. For a night of hula dance, head to Kuhio Beach Hula Mound at Waikiki Beach, or go to Royal Hawaiian Centre in Honolulu for a ukulele class.

Lastly, get yourself a flower lei. Wear it and toss it to the ocean on the last day of your trip and start counting the days until your next Hawaiian vacation.

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