5 Ways to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

We often spend big bucks to get that perfect hair colour, and before we even get to enjoy it, it starts to fade away. What we don’t know is that the most budget-friendly hair colour is the kind that we can make last the longest, and there are also some handy tricks that we can do to stop it from fading away other than visiting our favourite salon.


1. Use the Right Shampoo. Since you’ve got your hair coloured then its best to use sulphate-free products or those that are specifically formulated to prevent colour-treated hair from fading. Clarifying shampoos are also a big no-no as it can strip off your strands of the richness of your hue.

2. Cover Up Roots With Mascara. If your greys are already starting to show up, then the best way to cover them up is by applying a few mascara coats. This trick will surely buy you more weeks before visiting the salon for another colour retouch.


3. Invest in a Shower Filter. While it may not seem like it, the chlorine and harmful chemicals present in the water is what causes hair colour to fade faster and result to frizzy hair. A good way to remedy this is to attach a water filter that help in eliminating harsh chemicals that makes your strands look dry and dull.

4. Opt of a Heat Protector. It’s important to understand that coloured hair is more prone to get damage, which is why stylists suggest misting your strands with some protectants to keep them hydrated, shiny and healthy.

5. Skip the Hot Water. There’s no need for you to freeze through your daily shower, but going for a lukewarm temperature can be a lot better for your strands. Using hot water will only cause your cuticles to open further and make your hair colour leak out a lot faster.

Although visiting your salon and having a colour retouch can greatly improve your hair colour, the aforementioned tricks are just some of the great alternatives that you can use for a cheaper and easier way to make your hair colour last much longer.


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