5 Vegetables You Should Be Eating More

When it comes to vegetables, you can never really go wrong. We all know that they’re healthy, but what we’re really missing out is that some of these greens are actually a lot healthier than the others. We understand that eating the same veggies every time can become a bit boring, which is why we’ve rounded up five of the healthiest vegetables that you can and should certainly add into your diet.


  1. Onions. Known as one of the most versatile, flavourful and recipe-friendly vegetable, onions also happened to be one of the healthiest veggies. This vegetable is rich in phytonutrient polyphenols that aid in reducing inflammation and increasing bone density. Other than that, onions also has sulphur compounds that are believed to prevent cancer and heart disease. What great benefits in such a little veggie, right?
  1. Beets. They may be good at adding a pleasant shade of pink into any beverage, but beets are actually worth more than that. This tiny pink veggie actually aids in lowering blood pressure, fighting inflammation and boosting stamina. So the next time you head to the gym, bring a few beets along to help you stick through your routine much longer.
  1. Asparagus. It may not look like it, but this spring vegetable is actually rich in folate, selenium, vitamin’s B2, C, E and K. Not only is it packed with health benefits, asparagus can also be used into countless recipes and ways of cooking. They make a great side dish as well, especially when they’re in season.


  1. Radicchio. If you’re into leafy veggies, then radicchio is definitely a must-try. Rich in antioxidants, B vitamins and vitamin K, radicchio will surely make your salad nutrient-packed. Other than that, it also contains lactucopicrin, the one responsible for its bitter taste and has a rather analgesic effect.
  1. Broccoli Rabe. This veggie can be alarmingly bitter if you’re not used to eating it, but if cooked properly, it can be surprisingly delicious too. Health experts even recommend it to allergy sufferers as it is rich in a wide range of nutrients and vitamins from vitamin C to folate.

The idea of consuming these vegetables regularly may not seem palatable to most of us, but by creating delicious meals out of this veggies, adding these healthy greens into your diet will surely be one of the best decisions you’ll make.


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