5 Tricks to Spur Yourself Into Working Out in the Morning

Working out early in the morning can be a real struggle. Even though we know that it’s good for our health, with the summer heat, it feels like it’s a lot better to just lie on the bed and enjoy the coolness brought by the AC. Our motivation to workout will really be low when it’s over 43° outside, but there are still some tricks that you can do to get yourself moving first thing in the morning.


  1. Lay Out Your Workout Clothes Beforehand. One good way to maximize your time under your covers is to lay out your workout clothes ahead of time. That way, you can just grab your clothing pieces and go. If this doesn’t get you out of the door, just put on your work out garb anyway and lie again on your bed. Chances are you’d feel uncomfortable soon enough and would probably even be itching to get your body moving.


  1. Drink Water to Condition Your Body. While it’s true that working out with an empty stomach burns 20% more fat, experts advise to not skip on drinking water. Drinking even just a glass of water is already enough to refresh and energize your body. Just leave a glass of water in your bedside so you can easily chug it down when your alarm goes off.


  1. Exercise on Short Periods. Commit to doing even just a short workout routine to force yourself out of bed and get moving. Even a 15-minute workout is already enough to boost your metabolism and energy for the rest of the day. Who knows, you might end up feeling motivated to extend your routine to 45 minutes.


  1. Keep Your Workout Simple. If the gym in your area is too far from your home, do a simple run around your neighbourhood instead. For a much simpler option, stream a 20-minute abs workout or yoga video on your laptop to burn those unwanted pounds in the comforts of your home.


  1. Treat Yourself with Rest Days. Having a routine that takes up large amounts of your time will make it harder for you to actually practice it diligently. So if you find a daily early morning routine too taxing, only perform it twice or thrice a week and treat yourself during your rest days with some extra snooze or just being idle. That way, you’ll feel more motivated to exercise on your workout days.

Waking up early only to exercise can be really tiring, but with discipline and motivation to perform your workout routine, you’ll definitely be able to get out of your bed and burn those fats away even at six in the morning.


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