5 Reasons Why Blunt People Are Great Friends

Sometimes we find blunt people intimidating and scary. We try hard to interact less with this kind of people because we fear getting into a confrontation with them. The truth is, we all are blunt in our own ways. Some of us just feel the need to conceal this while blunt people tell it like it is.


Contrary to what people may believe, blunt people are great friends. They are not obsessed with how other people perceive them and they remain painfully honest to everybody, including their friends and family.

Here are other reasons why you’ll be glad to be friends with someone blunt.


No flattery needed.

Blunt people are the best people to run to for advice. They are will honestly tell you things the way they see it. They do not flatter and sugarcoat matters in order to not hurt your feelings. For them, it is better to be honest and hurt a person than sugarcoating everything and continue letting the person act foolishly.


Blunt people are unafraid.

Painfully blunt people are bold. Because they hold such a high importance for the truth, they fear no one. As their friend, these are qualities you want to have for yourself. If you have a friend like this in your life, you will be inspired to have strength and confidence.


They do not want to sabotage your friendship.

One thing that can ruin a friendship are secrets hidden from each other. Having a blunt person for a friend, you need not worry about this because they are not devious individuals. In order to not hurt the friendship you have, they will be really honest with you, even if it means hurting your feelings at times.


They are quick to admit their mistakes.

A blunt person uphold being true to one’s self and to others. They are quick to acknowledge that they are in the wrong and consequently, apologize that they hurt you. Not every friend you have possesses this quality. With someone like this on your side, there will be room for more harmonious relationships.


They uphold what is right.

Blunt people have a high moral compass. They hate it when people neglect to think about what is bad and what is good. Having a friend with a high level of morals will not let anything cloud your judgment and influence you to do something bad.


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