5 Reasons Why Apricots Should Be Added to Your Diet

Keeping track of your level of fitness isn’t easy, especially if you’re a career woman living a fast-paced lifestyle. Helping yourself to the fast food counter is far easier than preparing a healthy meal every day and sticking to a fitness regimen. For those with limited time, apricots can be a unique blessing. In fact, it’s a miracle fruit that can help you achieve your beauty and health goals while on the go. Here are other reasons why you should start stocking up on this godsend fruit right away.


  1. Prevents Aging and Skin Damage. They may not look like it, but apricots can actually help us with our acne and wrinkle problems. The fruit is loaded with vitamin A, an age-fighting agent that reduces wrinkles, brown spots and skin roughness, and vitamin C, an anti-aging supplement that improves the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. Aside from that, apricots also contain traces of vitamin B3, a lotion ingredient that’s known to reduce skin redness. So ditch your daily soda drink now and enjoy your fresh apricot juice.


  1. Improves Eyesight. We’ve all grown up hearing how good carrots are for our eyesight, but a new research shows that apricots can actually even be better for improving and maintaining one’s vision. An average apricot has around 39 percent vitamin A, which is the vitamin needed by the retina for low-light and colour vision. It also contains zeaxanthin and lutein, which aids in preventing eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration glaucoma, and even vision loss.


  1. Reduces Heart Disease Risk. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women worldwide, which is why it goes without saying that nurturing a healthier heart has never been more important. Luckily, apricots are rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that prevents stroke, heart attacks and peripheral vascular disease. The fruit’s vitamin C content also propels collagen development, thus maintaining the natural elasticity of your arteries.


  1. Fights Anaemia. Because of the way their bodies function, women tend to be at the greatest risk of acquiring anaemia. This condition disrupts how tissues and organs normally function, forcing the heart to work harder than it needs to do. Luckily, dried apricots are the perfect snack to eliminate and prevent the said illness. Vitamin-rich, loaded with iron and low in calories, apricots have been recommended as a dietary supplement that can treat iron-deficiency anaemia.


  1. Promotes Bone Formation and Strengthening. Apart from anaemia, apricots can also be a good dietary supplement to prevent osteoporosis. The fruit contains a great mix of vitamins and minerals that has much to offer. This vitamin-mineral mix includes boron, which activates vitamin D to carry magnesium and calcium to your bones, instead of excreting it through your urine. Apricots also contain high potassium levels that aids in muscle function, copper for maintaining bone and joints functions, and traces of vitamin K that is essential for allowing calcium-bonding proteins like osteocalcin in building bones.

Apricots are a multi-tasker fruit that can help you in achieving our fitness and health goals on the go. So incorporate this fruit in your diet and you’ll be a step closer to the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.


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