5 Money Saving Tips Every Family Should Follow


When we have a family, we’re not only thinking of our own personal wants and needs. Putting our family first will always be a priority and so as prioritizing expenses for our homes. Given the enormous bills, payments and other expenses, saving up can be difficult. The top money saving tips for families in Singapore are as follows:

  1. Create a checklist for what you need to buy for the house and your children. This can be very helpful. It’s also our way of setting a proper monthly budget since we can assess on what are the things we need to buy for our children and our home. With that, we can have a clear view on what we really need and would not end up buying things that are not useful.


  1. Plan and Cook your own Meals. It’s significant to note that eating and ordering food at restaurants and fast food chains are expensive. We should always bear in mind that your kids need healthy and yummy foods and that you also need to save up while doing so. To ensure that, you have to carefully plan your meals and just cook for your family.


  1. Don’t bring your kids while shopping and buying grocery. Not unless you want to have that mini-heart attack moment when you are at the cashier, do yourself a favor and don’t bring them while you are shopping or buying grocery. Kids have the tendency to be impulsive shoppers and what they want would definitely go straight to your shopping cart and you will be in that unnegotiable situation to whether buy it or not. This is a great piece of advice to save yourself and your wallet or credit cards.

  1. Pay your bills ahead or on time. To avoid paying for late payment fees and other interest fees and charges, pay your bills on or before your scheduled payment date. You can save yourself from the said payments, include those supposed to be “extra” payments to your savings, and you can get away with the hassle of reconnection and other tedious processes once you paid late.


  1. Train everyone in your household to limit the use of utilities like water and electricity. It is significant to teach your kids and helpers on the importance of saving and on not wasting our resources. We have to show them how to not leave the lights on all the time, turning off the TV or the faucet if we’re not using it or making sure that our air conditioners are on timer mode. Training your young ones with these will not only help you save up and lessen your expenses but also you’ll be teaching them important advices that they could carry on as they grow up.

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