5 Hair Products to Keep Heat Damage at Bay

If there’s a hair advice that I simply can’t get behind, it’d be to stop heat styling. I understand all too well that heat styling can be damaging to the strands – but with a short bob cut that’s naturally frizzy and wavy, how can I possibly stay away from my heat styling tools? However, despite all the curling and straightening I put my hair through, my strands are still in exceptionally good shape. Thanks to these awesome hair products and tools that never fail to keep my locks in its tip-top shape.


  1. Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide Protective Smoother. Have coarse, thick, wavy hair? Tame those locks with just a single pump of this hair smoothening product. Regardless of the shampoo and conditioner you use, Smooth Lock will surely leave your hair amazingly smooth and shiny. Truly a product that’s nothing short of a godsend.


  1. Ultra CHI Red Pro Dryer. This tiny travel dryer is one of the best tools to keep in your arsenal if you’re a gal who’s very much into heat styling. Although light, this dryer has powerful drying mechanism that can be set in a high and low setting. With this tool, it’s possible to dry your hair without battling the frizz afterwards.


  1. Ultra CHI 1” Straightening Iron. Apart from looking pretty, this hair straightener is simply far better than anything else that I’ve used in the past as it makes creating beach waves and full curls easier, What’s more amazing is it takes all the guesswork of how hot you need your tools to be in order to create the perfectly smooth and gorgeous curls and waves you want.


  1. Hot Tools 1” Gold Curling Iron. Whether you want a relaxed, beach-babe hairstyle or a retro-inspired ringlet for a hairdo, this is the curler to reach for. It’s so easy to use and evenly heats the barrel, resulting to long-lasting curls. Elegant, simple, and gets the job done – what more can you ask for?


  1. Kerastase Laque Noire Hairspray. In search for a good hairspray that can help your hair withstand your heat styling sessions? Then get your hands on this hairspray. Apart from being lightweight and having an insane hold to the hair, this product doesn’t promote product build-ups, allowing you to skip washing and simply restyle your hair. So if you’re looking for a hairspray that doesn’t weigh down the hair with products, this is definitely the hairspray to look for.

Heat styling can be damaging for the strands. However, it’s possible to counteract the effects of heat styling without compromising the longevity of your hairstyle by using these proven-and-tested products and tools.

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