5 Best Organic Self-Tanning Products

Who doesn’t want to get a perfectly bronzed bod without getting baked under the sun? Don’t deny it. Even if you’re not going to wear your bikinis, you would certainly want your limbs to look healthy and perfectly bronzed. Luckily, there is an increasing number of organic self-tanners that won’t just protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but from the harmful additives and chemicals as well.


  1. Elemental Herbology Sun Kiss Body Hydrator with Self-Tanner. Want a natural-looking tan? Then grab Elemental’s self-tanning moisturizer now. This self-tanner features nourishing olive, watermelon seed and macadamia oils that’ll keep you protected from all the environmental damage while giving you the golden glow that you want.
  1. True Natural Tropical Tan. If you’re looking for tanners that’s gentle both on your body and face, then this tanning lotion is a must-try for you. This vegan tanner contains cupuacu butter, aloe Vera, as well as pomegranate extract that’s good for the skin. Aside from that, this tanning lotion can also give you that deep and dark, but non-orangey glow, that’ll last for five to seven days.
  1. VitaTanz Organic Spray-On Tan. Are spray tanners your thing? Then VitaTanz is the brand for you. Not only is it easy to handle, this tanning spray is filled with green tree extract that’ll keep you protected from free radical damage, and minerals like copper, iron and magnesium, which will give the anti-aging benefits that your skin needs.


  1. Santorini Sun Sunless Tan Lotion. Not only will this tanning lotion give you the bronzed bod that you want, its sweet orange scent will also help in illuminating your skin and boosting your mood. But just like regular self-tanners, this tanning lotion works best if you wash it off the following day and avoid getting into the water for six hours.
  1. Chocolate Sun Absolute Sun Sunless Tanning Cream. If you’re into tanning creams, then this chocolate-scented tanning cream is the best product for you. This product is extracted from sugar beets, which turns your skin colour to the shade of bronze without all the signs of an eau de self-tanning. What’s more amazing is that it has a no-streak formula that could for about week.

With this products out in the market, getting that gorgeous golden glow without all the UV damage and harmful chemicals is finally just within your reach. So start smearing a good amount of these tanners now and enjoy your Victoria’s Secret Angel-inspired bronze bod.


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