5 Amazing Beauty Uses of Oatmeal

Nothing beats a warm of bowl of oatmeal every morning, especially when it’s topped with chocolate, sesame seeds or fresh figs. You’ll surely feel energized throughout the day just by eating this hearty meal. But what’s more amazing is that this breakfast superfood also boasts several beauty benefits. Curious enough? We’ve listed down five of the best beauty uses of your favourite oats that’ll surely give you smoother, glowing skin.


  1. Face Wash. Other than the healthy nutrients, oatmeal is also known to be rich in saponins, a chemical that’s often added in detergents and shampoos because of its foaming and emulsifying abilities. With the presence of this chemical, experts believe this is what makes oatmeal an ideal alternative for cleansers, face masks, and even soap. To create your own face mask, simply mix whole oatmeal with warm water and a teaspoon of honey, then mix them until the mixture turns into a fine paste. Once the paste is done, gently rub the mixture in circular motions to cleanse and hydrate your face.
  1. Exfoliator Treatment. Does your over-the-counter scrub leave your skin raw and red? Then it might be the right time to switch up to a do-it-yourself exfoliator treatment using colloidal oatmeal, brown sugar, coconut oil and lukewarm water. This DIY treatment will give you the same buffering and cleansing properties that your regular scrub offers minus the unnecessary harshness on the skin.
  1. Dry Shampoo. Not only is oatmeal great at removing debris and dirt in the body, it also works wonders when it comes reducing the dirt build-up in the hair. All you’ve got to do is to lightly dust finely grounded oats in your strands to not just soak excess oil, but to relieve itchy scalp as well.


  1. Bath Soak. There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a long day at work than to soak in a relaxing oatmeal bath. All you need to do is pour a cup of plain oatmeal into your tub, fill it with warm water, then add a pinch of dried lavender, or a few drops of lavender oil. The oatmeal will work by cleansing your skin and locking in moisture, while the lavender oil produces a soothing and calming scent.
  1. Itchy Skin Remedy. Often experience itchy skin? Then perform some oatmeal baths to normalize your skin’s pH level. Not only will oatmeal lock in your skin’s moisture, it’ll also protect you from all the exterior irritants leaving you with fairer and itch-free skin.

Other than its heart-friendly benefits, oatmeal is also capable of giving you the beauty benefits that your usual beauty products can provide. Just remember all the beauty uses that you can do with it and you’ll be able to reap all the benefits that it offers.


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