4 Secrets the Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know


Even if you’re not trying to lose some pounds, chances are you have seen some ideas on how to do so, such as “Ten minutes to a leaner tummy,” “Lose seven pounds in seven days,” or “Finally, celebrities’ diet plan is here.” While these claims sound very alluring, there’s just no easy way to lose weight.


However, here’s the good news: You can certainly lose weight without a magazine, book, expensive exercise machine, or personal trainer. To help, here’s a peek of some of the weight-loss industry’s untold secrets.

1. Fat is an essential part of a weight-loss plan. The trick here is eating the right kind of fat. Good fats,such as monounsaturated fatty acids actually help in losing weight, while saturated fat often found in processed meats and trans-fat in desserts are bad for your health and waistline. Eating foods such as avocados, nuts, and fatty fish like salmon is a good way to add good fats to your diet plan.

2. Exercise alone is an ineffective weight-loss plan. If a trainer tells you that his workout routine will lose all those extra pounds, save the money and exercise on your own instead. To lose weight and to be able to maintain it, you have to pair exercise with good eating habits. Exercise alone as your weight-loss tool can only induce more hunger, which can offset improvements you have already made.


3. Dairy can shed off some pounds. Most people believe that dairy products can make you fat, while in fact studies show that calcium deficiency greatly contributes to weight gain and loss of appetite control. Some dairy sources of calcium, such as non- or low-fat cheese and yogurt are effective at accelerating weight-loss. So, instead of skipping dairy altogether, have three of low-fat dairy a day to speed up your weight-loss.

4. Fidgeting burns LOTS of calories. It’s difficult to create an exercise video or workout routine hat includes fidgeting, but simply squirming, tapping, or making constant little movements throughout the day can burn calories. Look for little ways to keep you moving throughout the day in order to burn calories. There’s even a study that says incorporating fidgety activities in your day can burn 600 calories or more.

So many people make money by selling diet plans and weight-loss equipment, proving that weight-loss is one of Singapore’s biggest businesses. If you don’t want to fall into the hype and make use of your money wisely, bear in mind these long-hidden secrets when working on your diet plan.


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