4 Morning Rituals for a Kickass Start

What is the very first thing you do the moment you open your eyes in the morning? I’m guessing it’s your phone. In a matter of seconds, you probably check your inbox, Facebook and everything else in the virtual world don’t you?

Most people do this and before they even move to pull out of bed, they feel stressed out already. Why is that? The number of questions (especially work-related), emails, comments and calendar meetings flood into the mind all at once. But the first 5-10 minutes after waking up is crucial to the mood and tone of one’s day for it sets the vibe. What if those first few minutes were spent differently?

Here are suggested ways how to jumpstart a day like a boss:

Wake up to a vision board
Literally, a vision board is where you post images or words that reflect what you want to be or have in life. What’s special about this is it gives you a visual representation of what a “better life” looks like for you. Hang one beside or at the foot of your bed to make it the first thing you see in the morning so you wake up with intention. Be inspired by the goals and things you are grateful for each day. Kristen of kristensjourney.org shares her real-life experience of having a vision board when she was in search of a perfect apartment: “I was able to manifest the perfect sofa and several other items of furniture for my apartment. When I say, “perfect,” I mean I knew EXACTLY the style, color, price range, etc., and that is just what I got!”

Make that affirmation and intent clear to your inner self each and every day.

Prepare your clothes ahead of time
One of the things that can ruin a day’s start is when you consume so much time in figuring out what clothes to wear for the day or finding that particular shirt in the cluttered closet. To avoid this mood destroyer, plan your attire the night before (accessories included) and all other things you need before you hop in the shower.

If possible, plan out and prepare your outfit for the entire week to minimize your things to do each night.

Take a dose of reinforcement
If you have extra time, while taking your cup of coffee, listen to audios of your favorite artist or comedian, or read self-help book portions like The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins (sold usually on opentrolley.com.sg), to give yourself the chance to get motivational support and a good laugh in the morning. It feels great to be reminded of why we should push further and go on each passing day with a smile in our faces.

Get in the “Ready” mode
When you are getting yourself prepared (putting makeup on, getting dressed, preparing things to bring etc.), set your high energy by powering up songs that you love hearing or videos that give inspirational quotes—you don’t need to finish the entire course, just enough to get you rocking that day.

“Your only job in this world is to love yourself; everything else works after that.” -Affirmations of Louise Hay.
So the next time you catch yourself fishing for your phone, allow yourself for a moment to enjoy self-time and self-love.

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