4 Healthy Food Trends That Are Worth Trying

Throughout my career, I’ve seen many food trends that flourished and failed. Some – like eating clean and organic – were awesome, while others like sugar- and fat-free diet foods were just downright dreadful. Luckily, some healthy food trends are making a big comeback in the food scene. To give an idea about these favourites, we’ve listed down four of the former food trends that has been making some buzz lately.

Baby spinach

  1. Spinach. Kale has been the rage these days. You can see it on the shelves of most health food stores and even in your casseroles. However, spinach has its own aces to hold up against the newcomer trend. Apart from being more affordable, spinach is also rich in iron, magnesium, manganese and vitamins A, K, C and B2. Still doubting its superfood abilities? Then ask Popeye about it.


  1. Juicing. Not fond of chewing on veggies and fruits, but still want to fill your tummies in the same healthy way? Then this food trend is for you. Not only does it help in reducing certain health risks, it also aids in improving the immune system and kicking the pesky toxins off your digestive system. What’s more is, it can even help you shed those extras pounds.


  1. Seaweed. Remember the time when you used to snack on the crispy green seaweed strips? Well, you’re about to experience that once more. Just sprinkle it over your popcorn, pasta or tuna casserole to give it some extra flavour and nutrients. Want to go extra healthy? Then munch on the plain roasted ones.


  1. Beef Jerky. A couple of years ago, a treat called Cow Label became a household staple. But with the popularity gained by the Paleo Diet, this sweet, juicy jerky is slowly rising up in the healthy food trend ranks again. What’s even better is you can now enjoy the healthier version of this Cow Label treat.

Just like in fashion, food trends also come and go. But now that these four food trends are slowly making their way back on your pantries, you’ll finally be able to taste the goodness that you tasted from them a couple of years ago.


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